O’Reilly does it all.

Are you getting the best performance from your tools? We can help.

We offer a wide variety of tool sharpening services to choose from.

Carbide and HSS end mills (1/8” – 3” dia. x 8”)


Countersinks (standard and chatterless)

regrind1Drills (1/8” – 4” dia.)

Gun drills

High-performance carbide drills

HSS drills

Step drills


Haven blades

regrind2High-performance valenite tooling

Ken tips

Milling cutters


Roughers and broaches

Slitter knives

Slugger bits

regrind3Spade Blades (5/8” – 6”)

Special grinds

Straight Taps

SUMOCHAM inserts

Thread chasers

Trepan cutters

WACHS® blades

Got runout?

We’ll sharpen your tool in the toolholder. Some customers send them weekly. Talk to us for a quote and send it to us, toolholder and all.