We guarantee our work.

We strive for perfection with every job. Our customers come to expect it. But if the cutter we return doesn’t work as it should, we always make it right.

 ComparatorQuality inspected.

We designed and built comparators with 20x magnification and digital readout to make sure your regrinds meet profile specs.

ANCA CIMulator3D®

We inspect more complex profiles using ANCA’s cutting-edge CIMulator3D® software, the same technology used to build the profile for any tool not already in our database.

We earned our reputation for quality.

Before it goes out the door, every tool gets a visual inspection. It ships only when it makes the grade. Don’t be surprised if it comes back better than the original.

Did you know …

O’Reilly inspects 99% of finished work on comparators with 20x magnification – the same magnification used in a professional jeweler’s loupe but with a much larger screen.



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Tool Recoating

Special Grinds

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