We welcome specials.

At O’Reilly, we love a challenge, from our veteran machinists to our youngest operators. Their depth of knowledge and hands-on skills are impressive, and we enjoy watching them dig into a new complex profile.

Equipped for any challenge.

Whether advanced CNC repeatability or manual machining skills are what you need – especially with unique profiles and unusual contours – O’Reilly has all the equipment and know–how you’ll ever need.

No specs? No problem.

We build complex profiles quickly with ANCA’s CIMulator3D® system. It completes the profiling process in minutes – significantly faster and more precise than the “old-school” manual method – for faster turnaround.

New life for worn tools.

You can save a lot of green when you re-purpose tools by modifying them for new uses.

Less waste, lower tool costs, better for your bottom line and for the planet. Four wins, no losses: way to score.